We are a group of people activly doing research on creative open works with technology.
We promote accessible over close; play over sacrifice; real over virtual; share over hide.

Here is a central video for our projects: The Humane Representation of Thought


The Zhuangzi Dream Scroll Book

Chuang Tzu, a contemporary of Mencius, is universally regarded as the greatest Taoist after Lao Tzu. Once upon a time, Chuang Tzu dreamed that he was a butterfly, flying about enjoying itself.

Trentino Lakes Scroll Book

A notebook on research for geographic, folk and cultural notions around the most important Trentino lakes.

Fantasy Hospital Space

We all are in need of some fantasy recharge, here is a journey inside the space of most important authors and fantasy art works.

Pure Data

Here we are integrating sound and graphic sources.


Here we are searching for 3D spatial dislocated sounds.

Game Book Shelf

A shelf of our preferred game book to read, to play and let our fantasy fly over the clouds.

Edgar Allan Poe

Have you ever wanted to talk with some of your prefered author? Here is an avatar of Edgar Allan Poe to chat with and learn some of his aphorisms.

The Raven Shadows Book

Here is a new edition of the well knonw E.A.Poe work illustrated with some evocative pictures.

Aladino Tool Kit

Open source software that makes software accessible as a creative material for anyone.

The Tools

These are the tools we use

Coordinate Projects

Where we reorder and stay in sync with our ideas.

https://trello.com/hackerspacetrento prefisso Firefly


Where we reorder and stay in sync with our code.